I was having a crappy week … so I started thinking positively

Last week was a tough one. I sent out so many emails and didn’t hear any responses. I revamped my LinkedIn and nothing seemed to get through. I posted up these blogs on social media and got very little feedback. What was I doing wrong?

This sent me into a negative, obsessive spiral, where I kept checking my emails and waiting for the messages to come in. I woke up anxious every day. I kept sending out more and more emails and posting on social media but nothing seemed to work.

And then I decided to be at peace with the fact that hey, it just wasn’t happening for me this week.

Maybe I wasn’t emailing the right people. Maybe I was going down the wrong avenues. Maybe everyone was on vacation.

Yesterday, I made a firm pact with myself to not let the same thing happen again this week. I wanted to be proactive, not reactive. I wanted to put myself first. I wanted to control my inbox and not let it control me.

So, how have I done this?

  • Delayed checking my email as soon as I woke up. A lot of people I email are on the West Coast and don’t get into the office until 10am. I wasn’t going to have many emails at that time anyway. Just let the emails come in, and respond all at once.
  • Not keep my inbox open all the time. Again, let the emails build up, so it doesn’t seem like I’m just sitting around waiting for correspondence.
  • Not checking my phone in the car at red lights. Listening to interesting podcasts and taking in my surroundings instead.
  • Switched my thinking from “I HAVE to get this done” or “I HAVE to make money” to “I CHOOSE to get this done” and “I CHOOSE to make money” and … subsequently … “I CHOOSE how much money I want to make.”

In our society, we are so fixated on what other people think and want out of us. I urge you to put yourself first instead this week and see how it goes. I guarantee you: the results will be amazing.


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