Why you need to have a positive attitude about work

I used to have a real crappy attitude about work when I was in the throes of workaholism. Work made me anxious and stressed out. I was constantly nervous and let my work control my life. I dreaded work, even though I did so much of it. There were specific tasks I especially hated, like editing boring materials or re-editing a work I’d already submitted. Couldn’t I just write meaningful essays all the time or put out my memoir?

I’ve learned that going into work with a bad attitude makes the work that much harder. Now, even if I absolutely despise doing a certain job, I will put my heart and soul into it anyway. Why?

-The money gives me things I need and want, like housing, food, clothing, and the means to pay my bills

-I want my¬†clients to think the best of me. If I put out subpar work, they will not want to keep me on or hire me for more projects or give me a raise. Also, I want my clients’ companies to succeed. If they succeed, I succeed. It makes me feel good to help out.

-Doing work you don’t like is actually good for you, because it teaches you responsibility. It builds character. Nobody does what they want 100% of the time. Even Stephen King has to do press he may not particularly like or go on book tours alone. Actors have to wake up at 5 a.m. The Kardashians have to look perfect 24-7. Nobody has it all!

The next time you are dreading a meeting, sick of posting on social media, getting tired of working in Excel, or stuck on Salesforce, readjust your attitude towards your task. Think:

-Why am I doing this?

-Why is this important to my boss/client?

-How can I make this fun for myself?

If it’s truly awful, find ways to politely work with your boss/client to make it better. Trust me: They don’t want dissatisfied employees, because those employees quit… and it is SO expensive to hire new ones.

What tasks do you struggle with the most, and how are you going to improve? Let me know in the comments below.


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